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Saw this post on FB this morning & felt the need to respond ’cause I’ve been seeing WAYY too many posts like this: CLICK ME

We need to stop praising people for being dicks to dicks. That’s still super Hammurabian & it’s not like it’s changed his mind at all. She successfully humiliated him for humiliating her. Well done. Feel better now? Good. Glad you feel better about yourself for doing the exact thing he did to you, which is making ad hominem attacks. We need to stop praising people like her. She did something just as bad as he did, but because we don’t like what he said, she’s the hero somehow. If it had been a conversation of her actually trying to have a serious conversation with him about why he has the preconceived notions & perhaps trying to explore something in a less attacking way, he wouldn’t have been so defensive & prone to attacking right off the bat too. Let’s stop fat shaming, but let’s stop ALL shaming. I DO NOT believe in punitive measures, I believe in communication & rehabilitation (or the attempt thereof) for all. PERIOD.

No, my mind will not change, no, I don’t WANT it to. I believe in the right to life, health, & happiness for ALL, no matter HOW wrong you’ve done me or anyone I love. You are still a living entity & I will fight to save & help you no matter what. If you hurt those I love or me, I will think there is something even more seriously wrong with you and try to ensure you get the help you need if I am not qualified enough to get through. There is a place for everyone & everything in this world OTHER than intolerance. Being intolerant of racists, rapists, murderers, terrorists, etc. is actually just part of the problem. Stop DEMONISING people and REALISE that we ALL started as innocent children who got super FUCKED UP by this world and the factors that were out of our control. Sometimes, yes, it’s too late to help undo ALL of the damage, but it’s hardly EVER too late for people to just be locked away and rot, what to speak of just killed and never to have a chance to change at all.

I know this isn’t a popular opinion right now in this super militant world, but I’m vegetarian, I don’t support abortion or capital punishment or anything that involves killing because I support life! This isn’t a political post because those who know me understand that I am 0% political. Politics are an extension of high school drama, to me, yet another way to escape taking personal accountability for one’s issues & just concerning ourselves with others to use as scapegoats. It’s a waste of time & another distraction from addressing the real root of the problem. It’s NO ONE else’s fault. It’s NOT out of our control. Stop watching the damn news, stop reading reddit, stop writing your angry posts about who did what wrong and how it’s going to negatively impact all your lives & look in the god damn mirror.

Did you clap for this girl when you heard her say these things? Do you feel happy when rapists get beaten publicly? Do you like witnessing murderers getting “what they deserve?” Yeah, well, if so, I’d highly recommend talking to a therapist about how your inner ideology/world paradigm is completely contradictory to your alleged life goals & will ALWAYS be causing you pain and difficulty since that’s what logical inconsistencies breed. There is NO place for hurting others or the self. There is NO reason or benefit from exploiting others or trying to win because it’ll always be at the expense of another with these finite resources. Let’s stop thinking about ourselves and our own little friends groups and family circles and extensions of our own EPHEMERAL egos & think about our real friends and family and source of existence… what are we REALLY made of? Where did we REALLY come from? We’re freaking stardust contemplating the stars man… do we really need to concern ourselves with such petty mundane lowly base stuff? Let’s leave these petty human squabbles behind & look up to the stars again.

I want to learn to be a nectar detector, not a drain inspector.
I’m personally gonna choose to aspire to follow the path of humility, tolerance, respect, and affectionate dealings. I can’t force others to do the same, nor would I want to. One can only lead a horse to water, and I’ll keep trying since why the hell else am I existing on this planet if not to help it? Why the hell else should I even be permitted to take any resources from the universe if I’m not trying to give back however I can? I’m tired of simply trying to survive in a dark scary world that’s out to get me all the time, when the world is literally nothing other than what you make of it. And now, I’m choosing to make it better. Join me by literally doing nothing out of the ordinary during the day other than trying to catch yourself each time you feel yourself getting angry, getting irritated, getting upset about something someone else said or did. Then try to take a step back and see what it is that YOU could have done or said differently in that situation. It’s a practice, but if we start doing this more and more, it’s amazing how less difficult life becomes heh.

After all, every wave is favourable if you have the vision to see…
If you ever EVER are feeling less than worth being alive, if you are ever struggling with feelings of hate or anger inside of yourself that you are afraid might consume you, if you want to feel love and joy instead of misery and pain, please, don’t ever hesitate to come and talk to me. Even if I can’t respond immediately, I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can. The most important thing in the world to me is helping to make the world better by helping each living soul find their way back to happiness and health one at a time 🙂 I love you all!! ❤

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