This World is NOT for YOU

I’m not a political person in the least.

It was after studying government & politics that I lost all political inclinations. Similarly, I’m also not a social activist, or someone who really concerns themselves with what’s going on in the world today unless it has to do with kittens and/or new academic/scientific discoveries & breakthroughs. Why?

Because after studying the various subjects of world history, politics, economics, sociology, theology, language, psychology, etc., it becomes painfully clear that history keeps repeating itself & humans continue to devolve instead of evolve solely for one obvious reason that no one wants to acknowledge or admit in mainstream Western culture & society. We don’t want it to be true because it will then invalidate our entire existence as we’ve known it up until now. It will turn our world paradigms on their heads if we accept it as true; it will cause a searing discomfort at the thought that we might have been wrong this whole time & that this error might have almost cost us our realities.

So what is this reason? It’s actually self-evident like I said when we just step back and think about it for a moment. Separate interest. So what does that mean? Separate interest from what? Whose separate interest? First, we address existence/reality in its sum totality, i.e. all of the energy that exists now, has existed in the past, and will exist in the future, that from which all of the temporarily manifest gross matter humans can perceive & manipulate in this material universe. Within this oneness of energy/existence, there is two, duality, a form of separation, despite still being part & parcel of the one original & absolute Whole, far beyond the realm of material reasoning, what to speak of human understanding. The separation is not separation in a physical capacity as this is before the formation of the physical universe. The separation is when the individual unit of consciousness (precursor animating energy for the living entity) turns from Whole-consciousness (what is known as Krishna consciousness, always having the spontaneous devotional service mood toward the centre/Whole) and instead chooses to desire self-service.

It is only possible to exploit that which is lesser, so the finite individual spark of consciousness must descend in a covered state of illusion to a place of finite material resources as this is all that can be manipulated by the jiva-atma (conditioned soul/consciousness). The longer the soul toils in the plane of exploitation & self-service, the heavier the covering of materialism & moral relativism becomes, blinding the soul to its original position & source as an eternal conscious spark of ecstasy in the subservient position to the infinite original source of everything. It is sweeter to serve than be served, to love than to be loved, to give than to receive. To see the joy an act of devotional service can bring to someone will fill the heart of the giver double as much as the receiver. What to speak of giving to the source of giving… the origin of all that we are, we can be, we were, and we will be.

If we can remember that we do not belong in this lower world of selfish separate interest from the Whole, we will rediscover our true natures of units of service, not exploitation. Things fall apart when we are each trying to get everything for ourselves without consideration if anyone else gets anything. But when we water the root of the tree, all the leaves are nourished. Similarly, if we serve the Whole, each individual part of it is satisfied, too. This world does not belong to us & we do not belong to it. This world existed before us & will go on without us. It does not need us & we do not need to be pulled down by it. Yes, it is difficult to try to rise above the ubiquitous nature of the finite that’s always taunting us & whispering lies to us, saying we need to do all of these things to be successful, telling us that untruths are truths & vice versa. Yes, it is a long journey that takes lifetimes, but it is very, very possible to start seeing the positive results of your efforts within a year if you truly & sincerely desire to start trying to work on yourself.

We are creating our realities here in this lesser plane by projecting what we desire to be so onto what is. We constantly go around reinforcing our mental paradigm & anything that doesn’t fit, we ignore and/or take issue with. THIS is what is the problem. We see the material energy as a playground for us to manipulate as we like, as we see fit. But we are any of us tiny finite specks to say that any one of us knows any better than the other? No matter who it is, they will still only be able to see & operate from their limited, biased perspective & self-interested opinion, no matter how objective they try to be. It makes no sense to follow any human, but rather to search out what it is that makes us human, what gave us our humanity & what it means to be human. What is our purpose & who are we truly meant to follow & serve. No matter what we desire, we will always have a master, so we might as well choose the master that will actually liberate us from our temporary material entanglements that are bringing so much emotional turbulence all of the time.

While you may think you don’t care about anything that others are doing or how your actions impact others, it is truly not in one’s best self-interest to ignore the consequences of their actions because contributing to the destruction of society will have negative results in the individual attempting to exploit & self-serve. This brings me to the ultimate point of this rant. No matter your apathy, indifference, pessimism, or cynicism, when you choose to live in a society/civilization because you value the amenities & privileges that come with the institutional protection, you enter into a social contract which holds you responsible & accountable to speaking up when another individual is doing something to the detriment of the overall society. Too many people are silent because they think it doesn’t matter. It does. This idea that people can just do whatever they want, this really permissive culture that’s developing today is fundamentally destructive & divisive.

It’s a fallacy & a lie that people can do whatever they want without consequence in this world, whether you live in a community or not. The natural law of this world is action/reaction so no matter what you do, say, THINK, there is a reaction coming & ignoring it or choosing to not believe it is what keeps us miserable in our self-perpetuated delusion built on laziness & fear. When you choose to live in a society of people, you forfeit the right to do things that are going to destabilize or be detrimental to the overall wellbeing of the community. That’s just fact. There are so many facts in this world that people are trying to use sophistry to argue against, but they’re just pot-stirrers that need to be ignored. Trolls will always exist, but we need to stop giving them such credence. It’s the smallest groups that are always the loudest, so let’s not give into their false reports of how widespread despondency & cruelty are. This is just another trick to keep us down for hope is the greatest weapon. As we all know, “rebellions are built on hope,” and what we need now, just like what we’ve always needed & always will need more than anything is an internal, spiritual rebellion against the misconceptions we’ve been force-fed from birth.

“No man is an island.” You are not alone. Even if you are isolating, you are still intrinsically connected to everyone and everything else. You are constantly impacting others just as they are constantly impacting you, whether intentionally or not. Just like it’s a fact that we are born, get sick, grow old, and die, there are many harsh truths in life we need to accept in order to be able to lead the best, healthiest, happiest, most productive life possible, and one of them is that none of us live in a bubble, no matter how hard we try. Even before we were born & after we will die, we were & will be forever connected to each other and everything else. That is what it means to all be made of the same eternally existent energy/consciousness.

Stop lying to yourself. Stop keeping yourself in a state of depression that is based on fabricated realities. You’ve been deceived & you continue to keep the delusion going. It’s no longer necessary, though. It’s time we let go of our past pains, traumas, hopes, beliefs, realities, existences. It’s time we let go of all preconceived notions of success/failure, good/bad, right/wrong, true/false, etc. These are all man-made concepts & we are capable of so much more than all that. We need to shed our self-imposed limitations, our self-created goals based on our separate desires. We need to stop pretending that we have no impact, effect, or influence over the world. Our very existence changes the entire universal composition. There is only so much to go around, so even the smallest life-form is significant to this world. If we truly want to change this world, become happier, healthier, become the people we wanna be, see everything become better, we have to “be the change we want to see in the world.”

It’s hard, I know. It’s the hardest thing, because it’s the highest thing to aspire for. It’s the sole purpose of existence & the culmination of all that life aims to be and do. However, this is why there are infinite other souls also going through the same thing. We are here to support each other in our respective journeys. No two paths are alike, but what is beneficial & what is detrimental to the advancement of all jiva’s journeys is very obvious when we use our higher judgment. I’m always here for anyone who wants to start making the change. All you gotta do is reach out! Haribol! ❤

Published by Jax Bayne

Autistic artist, writer, consultant, researcher, analyst, and systems engineer. Occasional axe thrower, model, cosplayer, gamer, & streamer. Latinx ace/demiflux masc enby. SpIns: #autism #bhaktiyoga #comics #fantasy #games #horror #linguistics #moths #neuropsychology #scifi

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