So this has been a tough decision for me that I’ve been wrestling with for a few years now, but I’ve finally decided to start my non-binary transition process in the new year once I’m fully off of meds because then I’ll see what my baseline is without any chemicals in my body before starting on testosterone/hormone therapy. I’ll be starting the process for requesting a hysterectomy ASAP and then figure out top surgery (bilateral double mastectomy) afterwards. One step at a time. I figured I just need to be brave and do it since this desire has persisted even after the years have passed by. I know that those who are my real friends & family will still love and accept me no matter what I look like. It may just be a bit of an adjustment period for some to get used to.

In terms of pronouns, I pretty much still don’t care since non-binary/agender means that none really sound right as I don’t even identify with my body & would prefer to be genderless, but if you want a definitive answer, the easiest would be just using gender neutral pronouns as I already do on my facebook/surveys/legal forms/etc., i.e. “Jax Bayne updated THEIR profile picture.” If you wanna be spiffy & call me he/him, that’s rad & preferable to she/her, but if you still use feminine pronouns for me, I’m not gonna be offended or get triggered or anything. I get that it’s tough for some to wrap their brains around non-binary gender identity/expression. I honestly feel more like an “it” than anything, but people have a negative connotation with that as they find it dehumanizing & to most, that’s a bad thing haha. As I already don’t feel human, it isn’t negative to me, but I understand that people wanna feel like they’re being respectful, so when in doubt, just stick with they/them.

Thanks to all the kindness & support I’ve received over the years when it comes to processing all of this stuff. It’s been tough trying to figure out what I feel the right thing for me to do is, but with a lot of guidance & help, I think I’m finally able to see what path I wanna take more clearly going forward. If there’s anything else you wanna know on the subject, please feel free to send me a message with your questions & I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as possible. No questions are off-limits. I’m happy to answer anything you want to know & might feel shy or uncomfortable asking others regarding the subject because the only way to help bring acceptance & understanding is to spread awareness & education 

Published by Jax Bayne

Autistic artist, writer, consultant, researcher, analyst, and systems engineer. Occasional axe thrower, model, cosplayer, gamer, & streamer. Latinx ace/demiflux masc enby. SpIns: #autism #bhaktiyoga #comics #fantasy #games #horror #linguistics #moths #neuropsychology #scifi

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