If you’re not sure how you ended up here and what this website is all about or if you’re just looking for more info, please allow me to introduce myself as the host of this site.

About Jax

  • Name: Jax Gaius Bayne
  • Pronouns: they/them or he/him
  • Neurotype: Autistic with cPTSD
  • Heritage: Catalan-Cuban & European American
  • Location: The Pacific Northwest
  • Occupation: Neuropsychology Researcher
  • Reality Paradigm: Sanatan Dharma
  • Passions: Neurodiversity, Intersectionality, Sustainability, Moths, Comics, Games, TV & Film, Art, Vedic Spirituality, Efficiency, and Kindness

A Brief Bio

After working more than 10 jobs in multiple industries, taking courses at 5+ different colleges, traveling to the other side of the world, and having multiple unexplained (by medical professionals) health crises, Jax Bayne decided to take matters into their own hands. With a fairly in depth grasp of abnormal psychology coming from self-education starting at age 12, Jax started seeking answers to their daily challenges with functionality. Receiving their Autism diagnosis at the age of 28 spurred them into researching the impact of developmental trauma on autistic children from the perspective of behavioral neuroscience and functional medicine. 

It was then that Jax discovered NeuroMastery (created by Daimon Sweeney) and learned how specific somatic practices combined with memory reconsolidation techniques can heal treatment resistant trauma by literally changing the wiring of the brain. Within 2 years of dedicated practice, Jax was offered a job teaching NeuroMastery Meditation. Their current focus is conducting formal research studies on the efficacy of NeuroMastery as an evidence based therapeutic modality for those with cPTSD. (Learn more about NeuroMastery here.) 

Jax is currently studying at Whatcom Community College and planning to transfer to Western Washington University, Fairhaven campus, to design their own degree in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience before obtaining certification as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with a concentration on late diagnosed neurodivergent adults with developmental trauma stemming from early childhood and inherited generational trauma.

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